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I could not put this bookdown!!!! From the beginning the characters drew me in and at every opportunity I had I was reading Elephant Valley Love Tested. The personality of the characters made me hate the so called "GOOD GUY" and like the "BAD GUY". The book was written so expertly and vividly that I was there in Atlanta, Houston, and Africa. My heart ached for the son disowned, the man who never felt loved, the young ladies with selfish mothers, the orphaned children of Africa, and even the selfish mothers. The end blew my mind when I saw the circle ( you will understand after you read it). I finished this book wanting and needing more. Elephant Valley Love Tested is a must read because at some point everyone may see themselves or behaviors ( past or present). If this book is an indicator of what C.W Fleming has to offer then GET READY THEY ARE GOING TO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE!!

Deanna Walker

C.W. Fleming has produced a prolific novel that is free of puff and pedantry. This book really hits home as it concerns Aids, HIV and the damaging effects it has on the African American population and the modern-day urban church. I am amazed that this original, moving and accomplished book is a first novel. It is wonderfully written, informative, eye-opening and compulsively readable. Love without action is rather detrimental.....Nothing I've read on the subject matter matches its clarity and cogency. This book was contagious from the very first page; Furthermore, I finished this book anticipating a sequel. I anticipate the unprecedented success of this novel and its future sequel.

Courtney Smith